Kristen Swegles


Kristen graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Community Studies degree in women's health. She has a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University and completed Doctorate studies in Women’s Health and Pain Management. After 8 years of coursework and over 900 clinical hours, she was licensed by the State Board of California in 2011. Kristen began her acupuncture practice in Santa Cruz at CORE Fitness Rehabilitation Center and Summit Estate Recovery. 


While attending Five Branches, Kristen became a Certified Massage Practitioner in Asian bodywork and Qigong, a Floral Acupuncture Practitioner using Bach flower remedies and a Reiki healer. 



Kristen attended the Ashland school of Traditional Midwifery and apprenticed with Mayan midwives in Guatemala where she served as a birth and postpartum Doula and Midwife Assistant. She also did internships at the Janus mental health facility and Veterans clinic in Santa Cruz using the NADA protocol to treat PTSD. Currently, she owns a Private Practice in Santa Barbara, California.