Kristen Swegles


Kristen grew up with parents in the medical field and began her exploration of the healing arts at a young age. In high school, she was introduced to yoga and healing with juice fasting, while training as a competitive athlete in track and field and water polo. After graduation with academic and athletic honors, she followed her heart to the campus where the redwoods meet the ocean at UC Santa Cruz. There, she grew a fondness of community studies, ecopsychology and creative writing during a semester of backpacking in the wilderness. She studied with experts in the field of women’s health and traveled to Guatemala to learn traditional childbearing practices. After graduation from UCSC, she moved to Ashland, Oregon to study midwifery. This led to a desire to acquire skills to aid the process of natural birth and health pregnancy. Per the advice of her midwife mentor, she moved into the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and after 8 years of coursework and over 900 clinical hours, she holds a Masters in TCM. Kristen completed the Doctoral Program at Five Branches University, with a specialization in Women’s health and Pain management. Licensed by the CA Acupuncture Board in 2012, she started her practice at Santa Cruz CORE Fitness and Rehab and Summit Estate addiction recovery. She now has a successful private practice and is raising her son in her hometown of Santa Barbara.